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THK BNFN 2808-3_

THK BNFN 2808-3 导轨 滑块 轴承 丝杠

本公司提供THK BNFN 2808-3 导轨 滑块 轴承 丝杠技术选型设计,技术服务,THK BNFN 2808-3价格,库存 cad 样本 2d 3d 图纸等资料,THK BNFN 2808-3 价格库存信息请使用下方的在线订单联系我们

专业销售THK BNFN 2808-3 轴承,能针对客户对THK BNFN 2808-3的需求提供各种技术服务,对客户使用提供选型,安装,维修服务,为满足客户的需求,本公司对THK BNFN 2808-3系列产品备有一定的库存,能满足客户紧急使用的要求,具体详细信息请联系我们公司,我们将为您提供专业详细的服务。THK SH 13UU THK RE 16025 THK RE 12016 THK LM 30 THK LMF 20 THK RBI 12D THK HCR 35A+60/600R THK NAST 6ZZR THK RSR 12M1WVTHK POS 6 THK FBL51H+559L THK SA1 60 THK HSR 35C(Ct) THK RBL 22D THK High rigidity | Model PB THK CF 8 THK LS 827 THK CF 30R THK SK 13 THK DK 6312-3 THK MDK 0801-3 THK BNK 1404-3RRG0+330LC5Y THK SNS 45LR THK FBL56H-P14+457L THK RB 40040USP THK LMK 8M THK DIR 3206-6


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更多THK BNFN 2808-3价格,库存信息,THK BNFN 2808-3技术资料如:图纸,计算,样本,cad 2d 3d 资料请使用下面的在线订单的功能联系我们,我们会尽快回复你。

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THK BNFN 2808-3

THK BNFN 2808-3 导轨 滑块 轴承 丝杠 Number of loaded circuits DN Value Preload Method for Providing a Preload Applied preload(N) 2 row 1.50 turns 70000 Yes fixed point preload 980 Type of guide Shaft process method Ball cage Splined portion Hollow shaft Ball Precision None None None Recommended support unit on the Fixed Side type Recommended support unit on the Supported Side type Types of Nuts Threading direction Spacer ball BK20,EK20,FK20 BF20, EF20, FF20 Double-nut Right-hand, left-hand(must be checked), left-and-right-hand(must be checked) None Rigidity in the axial direction (N/m) Number of threaded grooves Dust prevention measure Dust cover type Wiper ring is available 660.0 1 RR,WW Bellows, screw cover Yes QZ Lubricator is available With/without oil hole Nipple, plumbing fixture type Material Specifications Type using standard material None Yes LF-B, SF-B, SF-E, A-MT6*1, B-MT6*1, C-MT6*1 Iron-based Iron-based Standard grease Standard lubrication method Standard seal Whether it is possible to change to a high temperature type Nut surface treatment AFB-LF Grease Lubrication None Cannot be supported AP-CF, AP-C, AP-HC, other Shaft surface treatment Minimum service temperature Centigrade (C) Minimum service temperature Fahrenheit (F) Minimum service temperature(CentigradeC) Minimum service temperature(FahrenheitF) AP-CF, AP-C, AP-HC, other -15 5 80 176 Finished product of the shaft end (with/without) None 2D-CAD data bnfn2808_3.dxf Dimensional drawing/ Detail dimensional table 500-1E1_16-B662.pdf THK_BN()THK_BNF()THK_BNFN()THK_BNFN_2()THK_BNFN_280()BNFN_2808_3()THK_BNFN_2808_3()

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